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The Wes Paul Banner in Nashville   

Spence Manor
By the Pool
Studio in Gellatin
Ryman Auditorium
Days Inn Hotel
General Jackson
RCA Studio B
CM Hall of Fame
Grand Ole Opry

Wes Paul Band

Studio in Gellatin
Whilst hanging round at the pool on 4th June we met musician and songwriter Marshall Law. Along with Garth Shaw, another songwriter we met at the pool (he was also the caretaker at Spence Manor), we all took a ride out to a studio in the countryside (near Gellatin) where Marshall was recording his latest album. The studio was ran by a guy named Commodore Barrett who gave us the grand tour and played us some recordings, including an original recording of Michael Buble before he was famous!

We had an interesting evening and were heard some great stories. We spent about an hour there, then we all drove back into Nashville. That night the three of us went for a drink at our local honky tonk, the Red Rooster.

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