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Wes Paul Band

The Ryman Auditorium
On 6th June we went on the Ryman Auditorium tour. The Ryman was (for those that don't know) the original home of the Grand Ole Opry and where it stayed for many many years. It still hosts the Opry Country Classics show there every week and occasionally a Grand Ole Opry show too, especially since the flooding at Opryland.

When we first walked in we sat in the wooden pews and watched a video which guided us through the all the history of the Ryman. I got pretty excited just watching that. Then we walked round the top where they had exhibition cases with all various artefacts in - clothes, guitars and so on, and boards that continued to tell the story of the Opry.

The final part was the backstage tour. This was the most interesting, and we got to see all the dressing rooms where the stars sat (and still sit), and the door that Hank Williams used to use to get from backstage to Tootsie's.

We then got up on the stage and posed with a couple of guitars for some pics. Wes started singing Folsom Prison Blues and I got a video of him doing it - so there you have it, Wes sang on the Ryman Auditorium, another dream ticked off the list.

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