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The Wes Paul Banner in Nashville   

Spence Manor
By the Pool
Studio in Gellatin
Ryman Auditorium
Days Inn Hotel
General Jackson
RCA Studio B
CM Hall of Fame
Grand Ole Opry

Wes Paul Band

The RCA Studio B Tour
On 7th June we took the RCA Studio B Tour as part of our ticket package with the Country Music Hall of Fame. We met at the Hall of Fame and left in a bus with a tour guide and some other people who were on the tour. We didn't really know where Studio B was, but we soon discovered it was literally over the road to where we were previously staying - at Spence Manor. We were then told that when Elvis was recording there, they'd send a decoy out first and the fans would all chase after him, then Elvis would come out and just slip over the road to Spence Manor where he was staying - brilliant!

The tour was really cool and definitely one of the highlights of our trip to Nashville. It was very interesting to hear some of the stories and all the top people who've recorded there.

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