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The Wes Paul Banner in Nashville   

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Wes Paul Band

The General Jackson Showboat
On the evening of 6th June we bought tickets aboard the General Jackson Showboat which set sail from Opryland for a musical tour of Nashville history. It started off with a country band playing on the deck and a bar. Then we had a few minutes to explore the boat before dinner was served. We had opted for the slightly less expensive buffet option, rather than the sit down meal, but the buffet was very nice anyway and we managed to find some good vegetarian things - basically plenty of salad and fries!

Next, everyone went onto the deck and took pictures of Nashville as we rode through downtown. The sun was just setting and we got some really nice snaps. Then the show began in the main ballroom. It was a highly professional showcase of country music right through the ages, starting in the 20s and continuing through to modern day. It lasted about an hour and had a strong cast of around 10-15 people who sang, dance and dressed up as different country music idols. It was really a lot of fun and we were definitely glad we came!

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