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The Wes Paul Banner in Nashville   

Spence Manor
By the Pool
Studio in Gellatin
Ryman Auditorium
Days Inn Hotel
General Jackson
RCA Studio B
CM Hall of Fame
Grand Ole Opry

Wes Paul Band

The Wes Paul Band Arrive in Nashville
The Wes Paul Band arrived in Nashville on Wednesday 2nd June 2010 (6:30 p.m. after travelling 131 miles from Jackson. It was a great trip and the band stopped over at a few Highway rest places. The weather was magnificent although at 98 degrees it would probably have been deemed by a few friends in England to be a little warm for comfort. We were really excited about visiting places like The Ryman Auditorium and Tootsies Bar - especially as we had a couple of gigs to play there. All of our country heroes had passed through Nashville as part of their graduation to stardom and we were really excited about staying at Spence Manor which had originally been built to house Elvis when he did his recording sessions in his latter years at RCA. another dream realised...

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